Bluegrass Dog Training welcomes dogs of all breeds and all ages, and of course German Shepherds!

Basic obediance with professional guidance at an early age will ensure that you and your puppy get off to the best possible start!

As you and your young dog advance, you can continue to learn together and take your training as far as you like.
The value of having a well socialized and obediant dog that you can freely bring into public is priceless.

If you are looking for something more serious, Bluegrass Dog Training also offers Schutzhund training, as well as Personal Protection. 

Individual Dog Training
This will be an entire hour specifically devoted to training for you and your dog.

Group Classes
Group classes are a great way to train your dog while socializing him/her and reducing costs at the same time!

House Calls are available on a limited basis.

Training Packages are available at a discounted rate.

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